When An Accident Ends Your Workdays

Catastrophic accidents at work can result in permanent injuries. You may never be able to return to your job, or perhaps any job. When you are badly hurt, you are owed compensation from the workers' compensation insurer and possibly more. This type of work accident is the most complex because of what is at stake. Read on and find out more.

How the Permanent Injury is Determined

You will likely participate in a special medical exam before being ruled permanently disabled. However, some workers are not satisfied with the ruling. If you think you should have been classified as permanently disabled but were not, you may be eligible for a second opinion. The reverse is also true, you can ask for a second exam if you believe that you are not permanently disabled. 

What the Ruling Means

In many cases, workers who are injured badly are suffering from spine, brain, amputation, and other serious injuries. Some workers may have back injuries that surgery won't correct. The ruling of a permanent injury can depend on the nature of the job. You may be able to work in a more sedentary position, for example, with some permanent injuries.

Most workers, however, are not in a position to be trained for alternative positions. Many times, there are no suitable jobs for workers even if they can be trained for them. Unfortunately, that means the worker must depend on several forms of financial help. Not only may they be eligible for workers' compensation but also Social Security programs and state and local programs.

Workers' Compensation Benefits

You are probably entitled to a settlement from the workers' condensation insurer. The settlement may be all at once or structured to be paid regularly. The amount you are offered is a key sticking point, though. Many hurt workers agree to a settlement they later regret. They may have agreed to an amount of money that sounded good at the time but turned out to be far less than they needed.

Speak to a Lawyer

If you are permanently disabled, speak to a workers' compensation lawyer. They will help you figure out how much money you can be paid. You need enough to sustain yourself until you reach retirement age. Your lawyer will negotiate with the insurer and get the most compensation possible.

They can also help you with second opinions and appeals when you don't agree with the insurer's findings. Speak to a workers' compensation lawyer to find out more.

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