Taking A Little Break From Your Marriage

Many couples need to take a break. That usually means a situation that falls short of happily living together but is not as serious as filing for divorce. You might be surprised that there is more than one way to separate. Find out which type of break is right for your situation below.

Giving it a Try

It can be helpful for couples to participate in a trial separation. When a couple says they are engaging in a trial separation, they often mean they are still actively working on their marriage but want to live in separate homes for the time being. It pays to be cautious when contemplating the end of a marriage. In many cases, couples counseling can take place even if you aren't living together. Professional therapy can benefit many.

However, a trial separation can create the potential for confusion and problems, particularly if the separation goes on for a while. If you find yourself in a trial separation that is going on for a long time, consider speaking to a divorce attorney who can help you create an agreement to cover financial and custody issues.

Regular Separations

This type of separation is more than likely to end in a divorce. It's very common for divorcing couples to stop living under one roof once they make the divorce decision. This period of time can be a way to transition into single life, but you should consider separating your financial assets. Open separate bank accounts and obtain your own addresses so that you can enjoy the privacy you will need as you prepare for divorce. This is a good time to locate and speak to the best divorce lawyer in town. Interview a few and find one that you feel comfortable speaking with and that has your best interests in mind.

Legal Separations

States vary in their requirements when it comes to legal separations. However, if your state does not require a legal separation you might want to consider having one anyway. Legal separation agreements leave no questions unanswered about which party is responsible for what financial obligation. This sort of agreement has legal teeth behind it too. Many important issues like child support and marital property divisions come down in the form of orders issued by a family court judge.

However, a legal separation agreement doesn't always mean a divorce is imminent. Many couples use a legal separation agreement as a de facto divorce agreement. Almost any issue covered in a divorce can also be addressed with a legal separation agreement and that buys couples time when they need it. Some couples may never divorce for religious or other reasons and use an agreement to keep things legal and organized.

To learn more about the type of divorce that is right for you, speak to a divorce law firm.

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