Has Someone Sued You After An Attack By Your Dog? See How An Attorney Can Defend You

The law requires you to restrain your canine from attacking people. If you don't, you can face prosecution if your animal causes injury. This can have serious consequences down the line if you're found to have broken the law. In addition to repercussions regarding your pet ownership, the judge can also order you to compensate the victim for the damages they suffered from the bite. It is advisable to only pay for these damages if you broke your state's dog laws. However, if you believe that the complainant was responsible for the attack, hire an attorney to defend you. They will raise the following defenses to vindicate you of any wrongdoing.

The Defendant Provoked the Animal 

You are not obligated to compensate the defendant if they provoked the animal prior to the attack. This includes incidences where the complainant kicked, teased, stepped on the dog's tail, etc. In such cases, your lawyer will argue that you had taken all the appropriate measures to prevent the attack. Further, they establish that what led to the attack was the defendant agitating the animal. Your personal injury compensation attorney can use different forms of evidence to support your defense, e.g., video footage and witness statements from people who saw what happened. They can help establish that the defendant's unreasonable and careless behavior was the reason the dog attacked.

The Defendant Knew They Could Suffer Harm

There are instances where people do not take measures to protect themselves against dog attacks despite knowing that a canine is dangerous. An example is if a veterinary doctor does not implement the necessary strategies to protect against bites while treating a dog. In a case like this, your lawyer will argue that the complainant assumed the inherent risk when they set out to treat your dog. Therefore, they will argue that the defendant has no right to sue you.

The Defendant Had Not Notified You That They Were on Your Property

Some states bar complainants from pursuing compensation if a dog attacks them while they're trespassing on another's property. Thus, if you were unaware that the defendant was on your property when your canine attacked them, you can assert this as a defense. Your attorney will establish that you could have prevented the attack if you knew that you had a guest on your premises. Without your invitation or awareness of the complainant's presence, your dog protected the home from who they perceived as intruders.

The above defenses are viable when defending yourself in the event that someone sues you after an attack by your dog. Fortunately, a personal injury lawyer can determine the most suitable course of action and apply an effective defense, depending on your case.

For more information, consult a personal injury lawyer.

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