Tips For Choosing A Divorce Attorney

Divorcing your spouse can be difficult, both emotionally and from a logistical perspective. Having a good divorce attorney on your side can make things easier and can ensure you get what you deserve in the settlement. So, how do you go about choosing a good divorce attorney? Here are a few key tips.

Meet with them in person 

An attorney may look good "on paper"; they may have great qualifications, relevant experience, and the right affiliations. However, this does not mean they're the right attorney to represent youDivorce is more personal than many other legal proceedings. It's important to hire an attorney that is not only qualified to handle your divorce but one that you also feel comfortable and confident around. You can't really judge this unless you meet the attorney in person.

So, before you choose a lawyer, make sure you meet with a few top candidates in person. If you live in a remote area and don't have a lot of lawyers near you, then you may instead opt to have a video call with the attorneys you're considering. This isn't as great as meeting in person, but it's better than just exchanging emails or talking on the phone. 

Share whatever details you can share

The more the attorney knows about your divorce, the better able they will be to guide you. So, when you meet with and consider different attorneys, say a bit more than "I want a divorce." Fill them in on the basic trajectory of your relationship, why you want a divorce, your overall financial picture, and so forth. This will allow them to give you a more accurate idea of what they can and cannot do for you. Also, if the attorney asks you questions during this evaluation and meet-and-greet stage, answer them as thoroughly and honestly as you can.

Don't discount realism

An attorney may hear your story, think about the details, and then tell you some news that's not what you want to hear. They may say, for instance, "we may struggle to get you alimony." Don't write off attorneys who give you realistic news like this. They are just trying to be honest and let you know what to expect. 

Hopefully the tips above help you choose wisely when it comes to your divorce attorney. Who you have representing you matters, so interview a few lawyers and hire someone you're confident in.

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