3 Situations When You Should Always Have an Attorney Represent You

At some point in time, most people will have the need for an attorney. The question is when do you need to contact a law office? The following are a few situations when you should call a lawyer to represent you, or at the very least, you should receive a legal consultation.

Any time you are arrested

This is as close to absolutely true as you're going to get in the area of law. When you are arrested, there is no reason to speak to anyone other than an attorney. Police officers and everyone connected with the district attorney's office have an enormous advantage over you. Even if you think you know the law, you are over-matched and need a criminal law attorney to represent you. The need for an attorney is so important that years ago, the Supreme Court ruled that if you cannot afford an attorney, then one will be appointed to you. So if you can't afford an attorney, keep in mind that you can still have one represent you. And if you can afford an attorney, always make the call.

Any time you have been injured in an accident

If you've been injured in a car accident, or you had an accident on a business property through no fault of your own, you need to speak to an attorney. An accident means insurance companies are involved. Insurance company claims adjusters and attorneys have enormous experience in settling accidents, and they have much more skill than you have. Even when you see an offer from an insurance company that seems fair, you can be assured that this offer is lower than the amount you are entitled to under the law. Only an attorney can stand up for your interests.

Any time you are going through a divorce with a lot of property

Setting aside the animosity that can occur between a couple going through a divorce, anytime there is property involved you should have an attorney, and it would be better if each spouse had their own attorney, so each side will have an interest in the property well-represented. Sometimes, property is difficult to split in a divorce. Although it may seem impossible to each spouse, attorneys can get together with their experience and decide the best way to do this. Liquidating a piece of property and then splitting the proceeds, or negotiating the value of several properties to divide them up in an equitable fashion are two possibilities.

Although you don't always need an attorney, there are many situations where this is not true. You should always speak to an attorney when you have been arrested or have been injured in an accident. And any time you have several property assets in a divorce, each person should hire an attorney.

Reach out to a local law firm to find out more.

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