What To Know About Working With An OWI Lawyer

If you're pulled over and charged with any sort of alcohol-related offense, it's important that you find the best legal representation possible. These charges, commonly referred to as "driving under the influence" (DUI), are mistakes that can cause a loss of life at worst and can dramatically upend your life even if everyone got out of it physically unscathed. Some states refer to this charge as "operating while impaired" (OWI). Regardless of the acronym, you need to take this legal matter seriously and get the legal representation that you need. Consider the tips in this article to know how to do this successfully. 

What exactly is an OWI charge?

Based on the law, an OWI charge is issued when an officer believes you were driving your vehicle while impaired by alcohol. They may be able to deduce this based on a field sobriety test or by administering a breathalyzer. If you take a breathalyzer and blow higher than .08%, it means that your blood alcohol content (BAC) is above the legal limit, and you'll be arrested on the spot and charged. From here, you need to begin putting the pieces together to defend yourself.

Have you found the best OWI lawyer that you can afford?

The best representation will come with the help of a licensed and insured OWI attorney. If you're looking for the best around, make sure that all their background info is verified — such as where they graduated with a law degree, how long they have been part of the state bar association, and how long they've been practicing.

Sit down with an OWI attorney and show them the arrest report, along with any other official documentation that you have. They will ask you a number of detailed questions pertaining to the situation and can help steer you toward the best outcome for your future. If your lawyer charges a flat fee, you might expect to pay around $2,500 to $4,000 or so. Consult with at least a couple different OWI lawyers to know you're hiring the best.

From here, you and your lawyer will begin talking strategy, and they'll take the helm to help you win the case or get leniency. In many cases, the lawyer will come up with some legal defenses that can help you win acquittal. Just because you failed a breathalyzer test, don't assume that these results are set in stone. You have the legal right to challenge the test in a court of law, and potentially have it thrown out. This, among many different legal defenses, makes hiring an OWI lawyer so important. 

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