4 Situations Where You Need A Personal Injury Lawyer

If you are injured due to an accident or because of the negligence of someone else, your first instinct may be to handle the situation yourself. While many people believe that a personal injury lawyer is unnecessary and everything will get better over time, it is often too late to realize the damage that has occurred.

One of the main reasons people choose not to consult with a personal injury lawyer is not knowing if they have the right to sue a responsible party. Many times the responsible party will deny fault, which eventually escalates to a legal dispute. At this point, a personal injury attorney is necessary.

To help you determine whether you have the right to sue for damages, here are four situations where you should consult a lawyer: 

Dog Attacks

If you suffer a dog attack, the owner is typically responsible for your injuries. Some states will only find the owner responsible if their pet has a history of attacks. Other states do not take into account any behavioral history. A personal injury lawyer will counsel you about your local laws, determine who is at fault, and determine whether you have the right to sue.

Car Accidents

Car accidents are the most popular cases that personal injury attorneys handle. If you are in an accident, and you are hurt, the owner of the vehicle that caused the accident could be responsible. While the driver may be insured, their policy may not cover the damages. A personal injury lawyer is necessary to fight the insurance company and the owner of the vehicle to receive proper compensation.

Botched Medical Procedures

State laws require that doctors follow specific health standards when performing medical procedures. If those minimal requirements are not followed, any complications that result could be considered medical malpractice. Some medical procedures have natural complications for which the doctor cannot be held liable. Personal injury lawyers work with medical experts to help determine if a doctor is liable for any complications that result from a medical procedure.

Injury on Another Property

There are legal standards that require property owners to keep their property safe and free from negligent hazards. If you sustain an injury as the result of negligence, you may be able to sue the owner of the property. While a property owner is not liable for every incident, some instances where they can be found liable are:

  • Falling debris – collapsed ceilings or anything that falls on you and causes injury.
  • Mechanical failure – this could include faulty elevators and other on-premise machinery.
  • Neglected infrastructure – sidewalks or other paved areas that are cracked or neglected.

The ideal adviser after experiencing an accidental injury is your personal injury attorney. They will know best how the local laws apply to your case, and they will fight to make sure you are awarded the proper compensation in any situation. 

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