What Can The Construction Attorney Do To Help When Having A Property Constructed?

With plans to have a large property constructed, there are many people that you will need to get involved in the process, including plumbers, electricians, and construction contractors. However, you might not have realized that you should also get a construction attorney involved in the process before the construction even begins. Hiring a construction attorney in advance will save you time, help you avoid potential mistakes during the building phase, and allow you to make sure you stay compliant with laws surrounding construction in the area where you will have the property built.

Going Over Details and Making Sure You Have Proper Documents

Having proper permits and documents that allow you to continue with property construction is a must. If you overlook permits or other paperwork, you can face fines and penalties from the city. You must fill out an application for a permit that includes detail about what you are planning on building. You should provide important information, such as:

  • The size of the building
  • The number of stories that the building will have
  • The amount of space the building will take up when built on a specific area
  • Additional details that require a permit when constructing any building

If you have a construction attorney, the attorney will review the permits you have already obtained and then help you complete applications for any additional licenses that you might need to have. You cannot allow contractors to get started with the work until your request to build gets approved by the city, and you receive a permit to officially get started. It is less stressful to get what you need to start building when you have an attorney.

Creating and Reviewing Legal Contracts With Different Contractors

During the construction process, you will need to work with various contractors. You should always have a contract between yourself and the contractors before allowing them to get started on putting the building together, adding plumbing fixtures, or handling electrical work. Your construction attorney will create contracts between yourself and different contractors that provide essential details about the work expected of them and the pay rate provided. The attorney can make sure that everyone signs the legal contract before the work starts. If you ever do run into any problems with the contractors, you can always refer back to the agreement to hold them accountable for the work they agreed to do.

If you are going to get a property constructed, hire a construction attorney. The attorney reviews your documents, helps you apply for proper permits, creates contracts, and reviews them before everyone signs them. The help that an attorney provides will protect you from running into any legal issues during construction.

For more information about hiring a construction attorney, contact a local law office.

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