Three Ways An Attorney Can Help Prevent A Long-Term Disability Claim From Being Rejected

Many employers provide long-term disability coverage for their workers as a benefit for working at the company. If you find yourself with an injury or health issue that prevents you from working for a significant amount of time, you will need to file a claim for long-term disability with your employer's insurance company. However, it is possible that your claim could be denied. The following are a few ways that an attorney can help prevent this from happening.

They can make sure your disability is covered

The way this is done is to read and understand the contents of your disability plan. An insurance plan details all coverage possibilities, but the language may be difficult to understand if you are not an attorney with experience in the area of group benefit plans for disability. You may think your disability is covered, but it may not be. It is also possible that your claim is denied incorrectly In either situation, an attorney can help.

They can assist in the claim form and the supporting documentation

Insurance companies take any opportunity to deny a claim. One way to do this is with a claim form that is not properly filled out. They will look over your form carefully, and then look at the supporting documentation. If they see a mistake, they will likely use that as an excuse to deny your claim. There is also specific documentation you will need for your employer's particular insurance carrier, and the terms of the insurance policy that covers your employment. An attorney will reduce the possibility of a rejected claim due to missing documents or improperly filled out paperwork to a minimum.

They can make sure all deadlines are met

It is easy to be unaware of the deadlines for your claim. These deadlines are regulated by the government, so you won't be able to blame the insurance company. There are deadlines that involve the filing of your claim and deadlines that apply to appeals. It is not only important for you to have an attorney to understand when these deadlines are, but also to consult with an attorney as soon as possible to give yourself the time to meet these deadlines.

If you have a disability that prevents you from working and you plan on filing for long-term disability, you should consult with a disability lawyer. Insurance companies are strict when approving claims. They may reject your claim for your incomplete application or lack of documentation. They may state that your condition is not covered by the policy. And it is easy to miss crucial deadlines. You are better off consulting with an attorney from the beginning of the filing process.

For more information, contact a long-term disability attorney, such as one from Iler and Iler.

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