3 Types Of Claims Covered By An Employee Labor Litigation Service

If you are an employee and you find yourself in an unpleasant situation with your employer, you do not have to face the situation on your own. There are a host of labor laws that are designed to protect you in the workplace, and a labor litigation service can help you present your case to your employer and work with you to a favorable conclusion.

Claim Type #1: Discrimination & Harassment

If you feel that you are facing discrimination in the workplace due to age, race, gender, religion, physical ability, or another issue, there are ways to address that discrimination. In many states, you may need to go through a process, which an attorney can help you navigate, in order to deal with the discrimination.

Oftentimes, you are going to need to confront the person or person(s) who are discriminating against you or harassing you and let them know that their behavior is not welcome. It may seem counterintuitive that you have to do this, but confronting the person directly protects you against charges that you liked the harassment or found it funny.

From there, you are going to want to make an internal complaint, following your employee handbook. In some states, you will have to bring an administrative charge with the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and then progress from there to a lawsuit. A labor litigation attorney can help you every step of the way.

Claim Type #2: Wrongful Discharge

If you were fired from a job and you feel that you were wrongfully discharged from your position, you can bring a claim against your employer with the help of a labor litigation service. In order to bring a claim of wrongful discharge, though, you generally have to live in a state that doesn't have an at-will employment law that allows employers to fire an employee for any reason.

Or you have to have a contract with your employer that sets out the conditions under which your employment can be terminated.

Claim Type #3: Misclassification

As an employee, how you are classified impacts the way in which you are paid. There are specific federal rules that determine if an employee is allowed to be classified as an hourly employee or if they are required to be classified as a salaried employee. There are different rules for classifying someone as an independent contractor or an employee as well.

If you feel that the classification of your job is incorrect and your employer doesn't fix the situation, a labor litigation lawyer can step in and help handle the situation. They can help work with your employer to get your job correctly classified and for your payment to be fixed, and they can take your employer to court if they are not able to reach a solution with you.

A labor litigation law service can help with a wide range of issues related to the workplace, such as discrimination and harassment claims, wrongful discharge lawsuits, and misclassifications issues. They can also help with other labor issues, such as overtime violations, unfair competition, and entitlement to employee benefits. If you have a labor-related question, contact a labor litigation law service for help with your issue.

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