What You Should Do If Your Worker's Compensation Claim Is Denied

When you file a worker's compensation claim, it can be frustrating if your claim is denied. If this happens to you, you need to work closely with your attorney on an appeal. You need to remain as calm and professional as possible during this trying time. Here are some additional tips to help you get through the process with a positive outcome.

Attend All Medical Appointments

Medical evidence is the crux of all worker's compensation claims. You have the burden to prove how your injuries occurred and whether or not they happened within the scope of doing your job. The worker's compensation attorneys may require you to have independent medical evaluations conducted by certain providers. Be sure to go to these appointments, even when you have already seen your own doctors.

Be Punctual For Depositions And Meetings

You will have to attend several meetings, hearings, and depositions throughout your appeals process. Once you receive notice for any type of meeting, you need to clear your schedule and prioritize your appearance. Any meeting is going to be critical in how your case turns out, and you want to not only attend, but be on time as well. If you are not present, it can have a negative impact on the outcome of the claim.

If, for any reason, you cannot be at your scheduled meetings or other gatherings, you should let your attorney know right away. Your attorney might be able to reschedule the event to a more convenient time for you.

Document Everything

Your case could be one of unfairness by your employer. Some employers, unfortunately, try to shirk responsibility for worker's compensation claims and make every effort to not pay employees. This is why documentation is crucial. If you return to your job after filing your claim, and you believe you are treated unfairly due to your filing of the claim, you need to document your treatment and submit it to your attorney for review. This not only includes poor treatment against you, but also any evidence of professional mistreatment. Demotions, change of duties, hostile treatment, or termination are all examples of bad treatment and are subject to review if you believe your treatment is due to your worker's compensation claim. Be sure to write down any events and collect any witness statements that can help your case.

If your worker's compensation claim has been initially denied and you want to appeal, be sure to work with a reputable worker's compensation attorney to appeal your case. Companies like Gilbert, Blaszcyk & Milburn LLP can help.

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