Is It Possible To Sue An Attacker For Emotional Distress And Pain And Suffering?

If you were attacked and robbed by an individual and the person was caught, they may have been arrested by the police. Although the individual belongs in jail and will have to face the consequences that come along with attacking and robbing someone, you may want to take even more legal action against the individual by suing him or her for emotional distress as well as pain and suffering. You can purse this option to receive compensation for the suffering you've endured due to the actions of this thoughtless, irresponsible person.

Why Sue For Emotional Distress and Pain and Suffering?

When the attack and robbery occurred, you may have never expected to find yourself in such a position in the first place. You could've been minding your business, when suddenly the individual decided to attack you from behind and steal your possessions. Now that you've gone through such a traumatic and terrifying experience, there is a possibility you're now dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder.

You may no longer feel safe in your own home or even when you're walking around outside. If you're constantly worrying, looking over your shoulder, and stressing about getting attacked again, you're dealing with emotional distress caused by the person who attacked you. These are things you probably wouldn't have worried about if you were never attacked to begin with.

Aside from the emotional distress, there is a possibility that the individual caused physical pain when he or she was attacking you. Even if you've recovered for the most part, the injuries you sustained were injures you wouldn't have experienced if it weren't for this person making such a poor decision to attack you and take things from you.

How Can You Take Legal Action?

If you'd like to file a lawsuit against the attacker, you can get the process started by visiting a personal injury lawyer who can explain the process of filing a civil lawsuit against the individual while talking to you about the difference between punitive and compensatory damages. The lawyer you hire will likely work hard to make sure you're awarded compensatory damages based on everything you've had to go through. You could use the compensation to cover medical expenses and therapy expenses, or even to cover the cost of loss wages due to missing time from work because of your emotional distress.

If you were the victim of a robbery attack and the person was caught by the police, you may be thinking about filing a civil lawsuit against the individual. It's possible to sue the attacker because of the emotional stress and pain and suffering he or she caused you. If you're ready to take action, you'll need to hire a personal injury lawyer to work with you on the case. Contact a law firm like Ringsmuth Wuori to learn more.

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