Be Prepared: 4 Things That Can Help You Avoid A DUI

If you drink, you need to be aware of DUI laws. You'll need to know those laws if you're ever arrested and charged with a DUI. In addition to familiarizing yourself with your state's DUI laws, you should also become familiar with ways to avoid DUIs and what to do should you ever be charged with one. It's not good enough that you familiarize yourself with these things after the fact. You can only protect yourself if you know what to do in advance. Here's some vital information you should know about DUIs.

Avoid All Vehicles If You've Been Drinking

If you've been drinking, you need to avoid operating all types of vehicles, including snowmobiles, boats, and your electric lawn mower. You can be arrested for a DUI if you're caught operating any type of motorized vehicle while you're under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If you know that you're going to be drinking, put all your keys away. It's harder to drink and drive when you have to work at getting your keys. If you're at a party, hand your keys over to the host and ask them to keep them away from you.

Sleep It Off in the Back Seat

If you've been drinking, and you pull off the road to sleep it off, don't fall asleep in the front seat. Instead, turn your car off, place the keys in the glove compartment, and climb into the backseat to sleep. If law enforcement officials approach your car, they'll see that you're not in control of the vehicle, which will prevent them from arresting you for a DUI.

Know if an Alcohol Swab Is Used for Your Blood Draw

If you are arrested for a DUI, and they conduct a blood draw on you, pay attention to the process. If they use an alcohol swab to sanitize your arm before drawing blood, you'll need to notify your attorney as soon as possible. The alcohol can transfer from swab, to arm, to needle, which can cause a false-positive on your blood test. If your blood does test positive for alcohol, you should request an independent blood draw to check for inconsistencies.

Hire an Attorney Immediately

If you're charged with a DUI, don't delay hiring a DUI attorney. You'll need legal representation throughout the entire legal process. This is particularly important if you're looking at the loss of your driving privileges, or extended jail time. Be sure to write down everything you remember about the events leading up to your arrest. Your attorney will need that information to build an adequate defense for you.

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