3 Different Ways A Paralegal Can Assist You With Matters Of The Law

A paralegal is an individual who is trained in legal tasks but has not gone through the same schooling and testing that it takes to become a lawyer. Many lawyers work as paralegals as they go to school, and others enjoy a career as a paralegal without even wanting to become a lawyer. Paralegals can assist you with a number of legal matters at a much more affordable rate compared to a lawyer.

#1 Estate Planning Assistance

If you want to create a will and a plan for your estate after you pass away, a paralegal can help you with those arrangements. A paralegal can assist you with writing your will and estate plan. They can set up all of the paperwork for the legal distribution of your property after you pass away and ensure that all of your deeds and other papers are organized and in place.

You can even name your paralegal to be the executor of your will, which means that they will work to ensure that your will is carried out exactly as you wanted. It also means that they will take care of the legal side of paying your estate taxes and distributing your property after you pass away.

#2 Real Estate Assistance

If you deal with real estate, a paralegal can help you with the legal side of purchasing and owning real estate. For example, if you want to make purchase a business property, they can research the property and make sure that it meets all the zoning requirements you would need to put your business in that location. They can work with you after the sale goes through on obtaining permits and licenses to get your business in place.

Or, if you are purchasing residential property, a paralegal can research the history of the property. They can let you know about any easements on your property or building restrictions and rules you may face. They can assist with any boundary issues or other legal issues that come up through the residential property purchasing process.

A paralegal that holds a real estate license could help you out with the entire selling and purchasing process.

#3 Family Law Assistance

Other paralegals are trained in the matters of family law. When couples get divorced, paralegals can be a great resource for sorting out custody issues. They can help get all of your information prepared for a custody hearing and can work with an attorney to ensure that you are properly represented in court.

Paralegals can assist with lots of different legal matters, from estate planning to real estate to family law. If you have a legal matter you need assistance with but don't have a huge budget to dedicate to it, reach out to a paralegal in the area of law you need assistance with. Paralegals work in various areas of law and can help you at with legal issues at an affordable price.

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