Picking a DUI Attorney

If you have been arrested for driving under the influence, DUI, then you need to hire a good lawyer. This is one of the times in your life when it is best to simply hire the best. Your entire future could be hanging in the balance and you do not want to leave that up to a sub par attorney. A good lawyer may be able to negotiate a lighter penalty. Since this is such a big decision you need to know how to pick the best lawyer. Here are a few tips when first meeting with your lawyer. 

The First Meeting

The first meeting with your potential lawyer is going to be very important. If you find that it is hard to schedule an actual face to face appointment with the lawyer, do not be put off. Some of the very best lawyers are extremely busy and have a hard time scheduling appointments. However, you do want to meet with the lawyer. When you do be sure that you bring the court documentation that spells out the charges against you and your next court date. You will also want to bring your bail papers, the police report, and any other paperwork that you have been issued. 

Their Background

Your lawyer is going to sit down with you and ask a lot of questions, but make sure that you ask questions about them as well. You want to make sure that you are hiring the best attorney possible. Ask the lawyer where they attended law school and the year they graduated. One of the most important questions that you can ask is how long they have been practicing criminal law, and how many DUI clients they represent each year. There are many different types of criminal law specializations, you want a lawyer that specializes in DUI cases. Simply ask your potential lawyer about their background. 

Your Background

The lawyer that you hire is going to want to get to know you, so make sure you answer the questions the lawyer asks you very directly. You need to make sure that the lawyer understands what you do for work, and your personal driving history. The lawyer is going to use the information that you give him or her to develop a strategy to defend you. If you find a lawyer that asks a lot of questions about you, then you may have found a good lawyer. 

If you have questions about hiring a lawyer for your DUI case, talk to an attorney at law firms like Thomas & Associates, PC.

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