How Long Does A Personal Injury Case Take?

If you are suffering with injuries from a car accident caused by someone else, you have the right to sue that person for your injuries and damages, and this is done through a personal injury lawsuit. If you are preparing to do this, you may wonder how long it will take, and there is no set answer for this. The length of time a case takes depends on many factors, and here are some of the important factors that may affect your case.

The Severity Of Your Injuries

Most lawyers will suggest waiting to file a case or settle the case until the plaintiff has reached a point called maximum medical improvement (MMI). MMI refers to the point in your future where you and the doctors know exactly what your injuries are and how they will affect you from this point on. In other words, MMI is the point at which you are as well as possible after the injuries you sustained in the car accident.

The Willingness Of The Other Party

While your injuries can play a role in the length of time your case takes, the willingness of the defendant can also affect the time span. If the defendant willingly admits guilt and takes responsibility for causing the accident, the case may go quicker. The alternative to this is a defendant who fights the charges and does everything possible to rid him or herself of guilt in the case.

The Ability To Settle With The Insurance Company

A third factor that can affect your case is the insurance company that is responsible for paying the claim. Before you file a lawsuit against the other party, your lawyer is likely to suggest trying to settle the matter with the insurance company. If the insurance company is agreeable and willing to pay you what the case is worth, you might be able to settle relatively quickly.

On the other hand, the case might be long and drawn out if the insurance company is fighting the case. If the insurance company does not feel you are entitled to as much compensation as you are asking for, they will probably try to negotiate with you for a lower amount. Your lawyer can determine how to handle this, and there are two main options. The first is to accept a lower amount, and the second is to pursue a lawsuit against the party.

If you are injured because of someone else, you can get compensated for your damages. To find out more about car accidents and settlements, contact a personal injury attorney or firm such as Littman & Babiarz Law Office.

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