When Working Out Works Against You

Workout facilities can be a great way to attain fitness and stay healthy, but often they also present opportunities to make mistakes and annoy others. You can help keep your gym a safe and fun place to work out by following the tips below; plus how to handle it when your workout becomes anything but healthy.

Be safe and courteous

1. No only is the sweat left behind on gym equipment disgusting, it could also be endangering your health. Many gyms now provide anti-bacterial wipes or gels to wipe down that elliptical trainer or weight machine before you use it. If they don't, get some portable supplies and see to it yourself. You are not being a germophobe, you are being smart.

2. Experts advise people to get at least 30 minutes of cardio work several times a week, so keep that in mind as you monopolize the recumbent bike. It's recommended that you get some weight training in to your workout as well, so exit your bike and allow someone else a chance at fitness too.

3. Using music can make your workout seem more enjoyable, and phones now can take the place of other devices. Just make sure that you make phone use a personal matter and take those private conversations outside of the training area, for the sake of others who could be distracted and annoyed by hearing your end of a phone conversation. Just because your gym allows it doesn't mean it's a good idea.

4. Loose free weights can present a trip hazard, so be safe and courteous and replace the weights where they belong. Additionally, on the same subject, dropping or loudly clanging weights around does not enhance your workout or impress others.

5. Be aware of others trying to use workout equipment at the same time as you by allowing them to get a set in between your sets. Rest or use another machine while they "work in".

When you get injured.

No matter how scrupulous you are when it comes to following rules, there may come a day when an accident occurs at the gym and you are injured. If you have not broken a rule and are injured, you may have a personal injury claim against the gym. Talk to an attorney.

If you did break a rule and were injured, your chances of getting compensation are diminished since gym patrons are expected to use due care when using the facility. Regardless, you may want to consult with an accident attorney to find out if the gym shares any responsibility (referred to as liability) for your injury.

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