4 Types Of Soda Injuries That Could Lead To A Product Liability Case

Millions of people love soda and drink it on a daily basis.When drinking soda, no one expects the drink to actually cause a bodily injury. There are multiple cases soda can cause a serious injury to both internal and external body parts. If you've been injured by soda in any way, you may have a product liability case on your hands. Personal injury lawyers can help you determine who's to blame for the injury and the best ways to move forward with the case. The following four types of injuries can occur due to soda and may result in a liability case on your behalf.

Soda Can Injuries

Soda cans are a great way to enjoy the beverage, but the aluminum can may present some dangers while you are drinking it. Sharp edges could result in a cut finger while opening the can or a sliced tongue or lip while trying to drink it. A manufacturing defect could also cause the can to have sharp shards or pieces that lead to painful cuts. If a soda can has injured you, it's important to save the can and any other cans from the same case. This can help a lawyer examine the items and present them as evidence for your case. They will use the can to showcase how the design is dangerous to the consumer and ultimately resulted in the injury.

Bacterial Issues

If you get soda from a fountain, like at a restaurant or bar, then your body could be exposed to harmful bacteria. In turn, this bacteria could result in food poisoning or an extended sickness. Not only will your body be going through physical and emotional pain, but you may have to miss time due to the illness. If soda fountain bacteria has caused a sickness or injury, then a personal injury lawyer can take multiple steps to ensure that you're properly represented. For a case like this, many parties may be held liable. This includes the soda company that distributed the fountain drinks and the restaurant that supplies the machine. Tests may be performed on the fountain soda machine to determine how much bacteria is present and the impact it had on your illness.

Vending Machine Injuries

A coin-operated vending machine is a great way to get a quick and cold soda, but the large machines can also present dangers. If the machine is not situated properly, it can fall over and cause serious injuries. Studies have been done showcasing the dangers of vending machines when they fall over. If you were injured from a fallen vending machine, then you may have a liability case on your hands. A lawyer will look into several details of the case, including the positioning of the vending machine, the business that leased it, and how the vending machine fell over. From there, a settlement will try to be reached to help cover injuries and damages from the incident.

Soda Bottle Explosions

Soda is filled with air pressure to ensure that it tastes fizzy and fresh. Sometimes this process can have errors that result in painful injuries. For example, you may purchase a bottle of soda that random explodes on your counter. The flying cap could lead to an injury along with spilled soda that you slip and fall on. During this type of injury, an attorney may examine any other reports of exploding bottles or injuries, along with any recalls that the soda company issues. If the recall came after your injury, then you may have a stronger case on your hands, as the soda company has already admitted that the fault was theirs.

If you've been injured by soda, then it's a good idea to consult with a personal injury attorney to break down the details of your potential case. Consider looking into the websites of local lawyers, such as http://medilaw.com, to see who's right for you.

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