5 Home Changes & Upgrades That Factor Into Injury Settlement Cases

Getting injured in public or at work can cause huge changes in your life. One of the most dramatic changes may come with your daily home life. Injuries can change your everyday routine and may even cause you to purchase or upgrade various items to help accommodate with your injury needs. When working with an attorney on a personal injury settlement case, there are five home changes that could factor into your settlement. This includes reimbursement, future charges, and costs that would have never occurred if you were not injured in the first place. By understanding these costs, you can work with an attorney to properly factor them into your case.


Depending on where the injury is, you have to change the way you can actually access your home. If the injury has limited your movement in any way, you may need a variety of installations to help get through the front door. For example, items like an extended rail or a ramp may be installed temporarily to your property. The labor and material costs should all be a part of your settlement. An attorney can use receipts, estimates, and mobility orders from doctors to help represent these costs in court.

Bathroom Access

Access to the bathroom in your home may be drastically changed as you heal through an injury. For example, you may no longer have the ability to stand in a shower or step over a large tub. If this is the case, then an attorney can help you seek compensation for new bathroom items like a walk-in tub, shower seat installation, or special toilet upgrades for those with limited mobility.

Special mats, towels, and grab bars may also be needed to help prevent slips and falls on a hard bathroom surface like tile. Consider any changes that have been needed after your injury took place.

Kitchen Access

Along with the bathroom, you may need to make a lot of changes to your kitchen. For example, use of the kitchen sink may be limited with a hand or arm injury. A plumber may need to install special sink upgrades and nozzles that you can access without any strain or extra pain.

Your injury may also limit your ability to cook. This may create increased costs in food delivery, cooks, and a nutritionist to help you have a healthy diet to heal better. Your attorney can break down all of these costs and help make them a part of the settlement case.

Home Services

There are a number of daily home tasks that could be limited due to your injury. Instead of making the injury worse, you may be forced to hire out for a lot of the services that you use to do yourself. For example, if you took your animals for daily walks and can no longer physically do that, then you may need to hire a professional animal walker to complete the tasks. If you were not injured, these costs would not be coming out of your pocket and should be included as part of your injury case.

Additional home services include cleaning services, grocery delivery, and general home repairs that you may have otherwise completed on your own.

Rehabilitation Equipment

To help you heal and cope through the injury faster, you may have to purchase or rent a number of pieces of equipment that are brought into the home. An attorney can help you seek compensation for equipment like treadmills, exercise bikes, or stretching machines to help keep your muscles active. Along with the purchase receipts, notes from doctors or physical therapists can help with your claim that these items were needed for proper healing.

Looking through bank statements, receipts, and purchases can help you determine the exact items that were needed because of the injury. By including as much as possible, you seek a fair settlement for your injuries. For more information, contact a company like Whiting, Hagg, Hagg, Dorsey & Hagg

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